Cheapest way to ambilight clone?


As far as I know the stripe uses 32mA for full white per LED.

So using it a bit underpowered should be fine?


As said. If you want to be safe, you can dim the leds a bit in your config. But I also used a 3A supply with a fifty led ws2801 strip. That worked, too. Even with full white. Best is to try.
You can also ge a 5A supply pretty cheap if you really want to be on the safe side.



Sorry to poke this “old” thread… I’m also trying to beat the prices on the out-of-the-box-solutions by sourcing the components on Aliexpress. I’ve found several guides using these boblights where the lights stick out of the strip, a lot of 12v options and led strips in all shapes and sizes…

I have a rasp pi 2 running osmc and a 50" tv set. I’m looking to light the sides and top. I’ve seen videos of a 60led setup and think it would be enough resolution for me since my tv set is 30cm from the wall.

If anyone could please help me select the power adaptor and led strip it would be really appreciated.


This topic seems to be dead so I’d like to revive it :slight_smile:

I used the YeeMee add-on with Yeelights on my previous Kodi machine: a Zotac ZBOX with Intel HD 620 and LibreELEC. Since LibreELEC has trouble with 4K and HDR under Linux I switched to the Vero 4K but the add-on does not work properly anymore, unless you disable hardware acceleration which is a no-go for 4K content.

Now, is there currently any good ambilight alternative which works on the Vero 4K+ with 4K content?


I have replied to your other posts which should shed some light on this.