CEC issues since xmas update


Did you see the log file posted by " mosmos?"


Yes – but I suspect it’s not the same issue as others have experienced
It should be resolved in the January update.


In my setup, I do everything through the TV remote control.

My typical start up operation is as follows:

Turn on TV >> TV powers up and then turns on AVR >> AVR powers up and wakes up VERO 4k.

After the last few test builds, when the Vero wakes up, it makes the AVR switch from the Vero4k output to the AVR home page. I then have to switch the AVR back to the Vero output which is annoying.
Log: http://paste.osmc.tv/milapazehu
Approimate time log as follwos:

19:53:32 >> TV Off
20:02:21 >> TV On
20:02:31 >> AVR on
20:02:41 >> AVR switchs from the Vero4k output to the AVR home page
20:03:01 >> Use TV reomte to select AVR form CEC list
20:03:37 >> Use TV reomte to select Vero 4K form CEC list


Do we still need logs to investigate this?


For now, no. I’ll see if I can reproduce this


thanks - hope this get fixed soon - for now i have to unplug the vero every night from the power


I can make a test build available in a couple of days.




@sam_nazarko has a fix been incorporated into the latest builds?

i had another instance of Vero 4K spontaneously powering up my system again today despite being on the latest build. unfortunately it is difficult to predict when it is likely to occur hence why I’ve not been able to get logs on this issue.

I’m also experiencing the issue whereby the AVR switches to its home page as described in post #43.
new logs - http://paste.osmc.tv/pimifirare


No – it will be prepared for the January / February update; in the sense that you will have an option to disable this functionality.



Hi Sam,

could you please elaborate a bit on what actually makes the Vero 4K+ resume from standby?
Mine seems to be very reluctant to keep sleeping.

Is there a list somewhere with wake up reasons?
WOL, notifications over http from the web app for instance?


PS: this happened to me as well after having a perfectly working Krypton Vero and than giving in to the itch that I got for not having Leia :wink: