CEC issues since xmas update


Did you see the log file posted by " mosmos?"


Yes – but I suspect it’s not the same issue as others have experienced
It should be resolved in the January update.


In my setup, I do everything through the TV remote control.

My typical start up operation is as follows:

Turn on TV >> TV powers up and then turns on AVR >> AVR powers up and wakes up VERO 4k.

After the last few test builds, when the Vero wakes up, it makes the AVR switch from the Vero4k output to the AVR home page. I then have to switch the AVR back to the Vero output which is annoying.
Log: http://paste.osmc.tv/milapazehu
Approimate time log as follwos:

19:53:32 >> TV Off
20:02:21 >> TV On
20:02:31 >> AVR on
20:02:41 >> AVR switchs from the Vero4k output to the AVR home page
20:03:01 >> Use TV reomte to select AVR form CEC list
20:03:37 >> Use TV reomte to select Vero 4K form CEC list


Do we still need logs to investigate this?


For now, no. I’ll see if I can reproduce this


thanks - hope this get fixed soon - for now i have to unplug the vero every night from the power


I can make a test build available in a couple of days.




@sam_nazarko has a fix been incorporated into the latest builds?

i had another instance of Vero 4K spontaneously powering up my system again today despite being on the latest build. unfortunately it is difficult to predict when it is likely to occur hence why I’ve not been able to get logs on this issue.

I’m also experiencing the issue whereby the AVR switches to its home page as described in post #43.
new logs - http://paste.osmc.tv/pimifirare


No – it will be prepared for the January / February update; in the sense that you will have an option to disable this functionality.



Hi Sam,

could you please elaborate a bit on what actually makes the Vero 4K+ resume from standby?
Mine seems to be very reluctant to keep sleeping.

Is there a list somewhere with wake up reasons?
WOL, notifications over http from the web app for instance?


PS: this happened to me as well after having a perfectly working Krypton Vero and than giving in to the itch that I got for not having Leia :wink:



Resume occurs on any action that would wake Kodi from screensaver.
This is most commonly a registered key press.

Usually a Kodi debug log will show you this.

@gmc: is the standby patch in sync?



Have a somewhat related issue that might help finding some root cause to some of the CEC oddities:

When letting the Vero (not +) going into suspend when TV turns off, everything is fine. When I turning on the TV on the next day the Vero turns on. Does not steal the display as I have active source disabled. So far so good.

BUT, when I switch the first time to the Vero there is no HDMI signal present, like the HDMI connection didn’t properly “wake up” before. Switching back to TV input and then to the Vero again and everything works fine. No keypress or anything else send to Vero before switching input to it. So there is some wakup related issues here.

This only happened prior to December Update when the TV was recording, meaning it turned on itself without the display and not telling other devices to wake up, so it can record. Now it happens every time. When a recording is involved it gets even weirder and I end up on the Vero 1st instead of the TV when turning the TV on. When then switching to the TV, Vero steals the input shortly afterwards (guess HDMI woke up then).

For now I turned off the “Suspend” Mode in the CEC Settings and it behaves more properly. Prior to the December Update it worked without issues (well except after TV recording, but I rarely record anything so didn’t bother to investigate more). So maybe related issues in regards to the re-enabling HDMI here?

Didn’t have the time to properly debug it and listening what CEC stuff comes “over the line”.

Setup: Vero 4K -> Denon AVR -> Samsung TV (TV uses ARC audio for TV to the AVR). So nothing unusual involved here.


Hi @sam_nazarko,

At the moment I can’t really enjoy my setup because my Vero wakes my TV automatically in the middle of the night when suspended - so I turn it off every night and have to power cycle it every day which gets old really quick :wink:

The problem is that I don’t find the source of the reactivation in any of the logs (kodi, dmesg, journalct, whatever) and this is driving me nuts… Do you have any more tips on what might wake the Vero or how to log this?

And please don’t get me wrong - I WANT my Vero 4K+ to wake my TV but I don’t want my vero wake up by itself :wink:



Kodi logs should show a source of wake up.


Any progress here?
@sam_nazarko do you need more logs to fix that problem?


Looks like the last request was for someone having the problem to post logs, and that hasn’t happened. yet.


Despite disabling standby in the CEC settings and turning off all options to switch on stuff, I’ve been finding my OLED TV on in the morning despite switching it off the night before.

I’m really paranoid about retention / burn in :worried:.

Patiently waiting for the update in Post #56 above although it can’t come soon enough :hourglass_flowing_sand:


more logs here:


2019-02-11 08:52:15.818 - TV Switched off
2019-02-11 08:59:38.525 – Spontaneous Switch on.


Same here, turning my whole set off every night now. As soon as I got some time on my hands again I’ll try another dig at finding the root cause…

@paulwebster gave another hint at what might be happening here and it sounds plausible:



@mosmos At settings->system->input->peripherals->CEC adapter you find the option “Wake devices when deactivating screensaver”, see also Vero 4K + CEC?

Is this option ON or OFF in your configuration?


Wake devices is deactivated.