Can a Vero4K+ run these popular apps


Legal or not, I’m paying for both Netflix and Amazon Prime and would like to watch on the device of my choice which they are preventing. Not a fan of Digital Restriction Management so if someone can break that restriction he’s my hero :hugs:

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It’s possible with Kodi v18.

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I’m using it but limited to 720p. Would be great to have 1080p and 4K as well.



Unless someone comes up with a recipe on how to use HW acceleration for the decoding I doubt this will be possible. That’s why I said it would be good if we could slave our mobile phones cpu power to software decode it. But I think people smarter than me would think about that already if it was possible



AFAIK the only reason your mobile phone is “more powerfull” is because it can do HW acceleration for decoding. But that doesn’t mean you can send that somewhere else. Remember, it’s Digital Restriction Management so you won’t be able to get the decoded stream when using HW. It would beat the entire purpose of DRM.

So finding a recipe to use HW acceleration on the Vero4K (using Widevine L3) seems less complicated than having your mobile phone decode, somehow tap that stream and send it to you Vero requiring a constant and fast enough connection between your phone and the Vero. I prefer a KISS solution that only requires 1 device.

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Isn’t Widevine L3 only used for sub-HD resolution streams?



It is AFAIK. For 4K you usually need L1 where all is done in TEE. 4K supports TEE so it could technically do it.

Found this on the interwebs:

Widevine doesn’t charge a license fee. Instead, hardware manufacturers only need to pass a certification process. This includes the completion of various legal agreements, implementation of some software libraries, and client integration testing to verify support, among other steps.

No idea how expensive and time consuming this process is but would be great if 4K would be certified.



Maybe I’m talking about something unrelated with your conversation, but for some people (which have, maybe, a TV with netflix, HBO and APrime apps, so 4k is working fine), an intermediate solution would be to be able to have the information of watched tv shows or movies inside kodi in vero4k+.

I mean, I would have to see movies or tv shows in my tv, even when I would prefer to have everything centralized in kodi, but they will be added in kodi as “watched” or “recommended”; maybe there would be a way to click-and-see to the TV (though I think it would be very difficult), but at least, I would always know what episodes and where did I see it.

Now, I have to check three apps and kodi to make sure what was I seeing, because I usually watch 3-4 different shows a week.



Use the add-on. It’s in the official Kodi repo. But I’m not sure how your tv based apps will scrobble what you are viewing. I guess you will still have to manually report that.



Well, it’s a good solution for you to have the kodi seen shows or movies, but a “light” add-on with the info of netflix/HBO/Amazon Prime would be useful too. Just thinking.



Depending on Kodi to provide scrobbling for off platform viewing is not feasible. What I’m advising here though is that if you manually scrobble your viewing from those sources then it’s already possible to access your watched status within Kodi.



Ok, I thought I remembered some video with this 18.0 netflix addon, in which recommended and viewed tv shows appeared. It’s a good advice, though. Thanks.



Well yes, with the availability of Netflix and similar sources in v18, this is possible and should be seamless. But I took your question to be referring specifically to off platform “smart TV apps.”



As I said, I wasn’t sure that the discussion fitted this post, but reading the topic made me think about this possibility. This kind of integration would be wonderful. @sam_nazarko would be a path opener :slight_smile: