Bluetooth trouble after latest update, 5 seconds until the Vero 4k is responsive on Harmony actvity start


@Nickelig, is this the receiver you got with the smart keyboard:

(edit) ah, but you mentioned that you need the keyboard to set it up, having the RF receiver alone would not help.


No that seems to be a totally different product… and I can not find any information that this „unifying receiver“ is compatible with harmony. It seems go be just a replacement dongle for their wireless mouse and keyboard products. Their biggest use seems go be that they can be used with wireless mouse and keyboard at the same time, hence that unifying name.

It might actually be the same dongle as they come with the harmony smart keyboard bundle… but with no way of pairing them with the hub, they just can not be used for a RF solution. And as you noticed, the only solution right now is through the smart keyboard bundle… and even that is rather unofficial, the RF dongles are supposed to connect just the keyboard via the harmony hub but somehow can also connect the remotes (minus the use of letters and numbers).

It is all about software, In theory all kinds of RF dongles could potentially be used with the harmony hub as the hub has RF. But if the harmony software does not support it, it does not work.


Do you believe that the OSMC team could push a Vero4K firmware update to reduce this delay? I don’t know enough about Bluetooth to comment, so I’m unsure if this is purely a hardware issue or something that in theory could be addressed in a future release?


I think it could be adressed in the future. Sam is aware of the problem, though other stuff is higher in priority. One culprit could be BlueZ, the module used in OSMC for bluetooth connections. I have to admit, I know nothing about that as well.

One thing Sam could explore is looking at other linux based media center software and see if they are faster and possible implement such a solution. I actually tried to compare the Vero 4k to Libreelec Box with comparable hardware but unfortunately the box was dead, so no test possible. Maybe someone else has a Libreelec Box with comparable hardware lying around and could test it.

Comparisons with other OS devices is pointless though, nothing to learn from that. Also Sam mentioned a rather conservative approach with BlueZ because an aggressive/faster approach could drain battery on remotes.