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Multiroom audio ( 2 ) (27)
Make Vero 4K Roon-ready ( 2 ) (22)
Multi audio devices out (7)
Extend "suspend" to paused video as well (6)
Vertical Shift (18)
SkyGo Application (15)
Colour management (4)
Play Video Before Video (3)
Speed up response time on tv remote (4)
Include specific PVR addon (1)
Blue light filter (f.lux, redshift, night mode) (10)
Support of CPU frequency and voltage scaling statistics (3)
Dolby Vision support for the Vero 4K (11)
DisplayPort (6)
OSMC for Android TV Boxes ? I would pay for it (5)
Driver For mt7662u_sta WiFi ( 2 ) (36)
Remember last movie position when shutting down (from CEC TV OFF) (3)
CEC (TV Power-Off) sets the device on Standby (1)
Ability to change CEC device volume when passthrough is activated (5)
Subtitle files column width (12)
AV1 support in next Vero XK device (2)
Handling update errors (4)
Status of OSMC App Store, App creation documentation (2)
Next Generation OSMC Remote (20)
Do not show screenshots of unwatched TV episodes (3)
Please make the Director field browsable (1)
Add link on this site to OSMC store (6)
Automatic audio passthrough settings (8)
Put Vero remote pairing instructions on the remote (3)